21 Minimalist Kitchen Design Inspiration

9shares Facebook Pinterest9 Twitter Google+ The kitchen is the most important space in any house as it is the place which is mostly occupied by the woman of the house and where delicious recipes are cooked and enjoyed with the family or friends. Hence kitchen decoration matters a lot. But in the earlier times, the […]

30 Contemporary Platform Bed Design Ideas

A Bed is the most important accessory to complete the look of a bedroom. Varieties of bed designs are available and can be designed depending upon the size of your room. There are contemporary platform beds, traditional and transitional beds as well as Japanese or Asian platform beds and storage platforms. Today we […]

35 Open Plan Interior Design Ideas ·

House is the place where the heart is! The world is becoming polluted and hence people are more tempted to enjoy the natural beauty. People tend to make use of the open space more nowadays by making Patios or courtyard in the back space of the house. Hence the concept of […]

20 DIY Kitchen Utensil Holders That Will Give Your Space a Chic Update

The kitchen is one of the trickiest and messiest areas in our homes particularly if organizing is not your cup of tea. Imagine what it would be like if you are a person who loves to cook and host every occasion you could get yourself into. This means you have all the kitchen utensils and […]

25 Modern Spiral Stairs That Will Bring a Stylish Flare to Your Home

Have you seen that curvy and winding staircase that would probably make you a little dizzy when going up and down? Looks pretty, right? But these aren’t just for appeal. And there is a good reason why the designers and the owners agree to add a spiral staircase in their home. Do you know the […]

20 Adorable Dog-Friendly Interior Ideas

Today’s list is one of the interior designs that I love most. This is dedicated to all pet lovers, specifically for dog lovers. Yes! Dog lovers, brace yourselves because these spaces you are about to see were distinctively done with so much love for dogs. Okay, I know what you are thinking. You may think […]

25 Contemporary Exterior Design Ideas

The exterior of the house matters as much as the other parts of the house because it is the face of the house as any visitor will walk through it while entering the house. We should not ignore its decoration as it can either make or break the complete look. We […]