20 Small and Sleek Condo Bathrooms

We have been talking about condo living for a while now and I think that this list could be a great finale for the lists that we have about condo spaces. The toilet and baths in this list are all standard spaces but for modern living, you’d wish that you have a larger space. Take […]

10 Interior Design Styles Explained In 2018

Home is where the heart is! Our sole motto in life is to own a wonderful house complete with all the amenities and luxuries of life. Many homeowners feel that selecting a theme or style for the interior of their home might be as challenging as splitting an atom. The magazines and internet are overloaded […]

16 Cool Skull Duvet Covers to Bring a Distinct Appeal to Your Bedrooms

Most of the time, skull designs are associated with tattoos, halloween and other creepy things. While others think that this symbol merely signifies death, it actually has a deeper meaning. Skulls can signify many different things which include life celebrations, love, and even a way to send away evil spirits. Those who could easily identify […]

20 Charming Dining Rooms with Upholstered Chairs

I know what you’re thinking. Upholstered chairs are usually a choice done when picking furniture for the living room, but dining rooms? It might be another expense if you consider getting upholstered dining chairs but if you actually have an extra budget for them, I think you’ll have a far more comfortable seating in your […]

La Lucia Boasts Anodized Bronze Screens for a Unique Look

It is indeed impressive that no matter how simple a house looks like at first glance, there are certain features that will set it apart from other homes. Well, sometimes, first impressions doesn’t last, right? There are times when we end up getting the surprise of our life when we find out that something has […]

20 Perfectly Crafted Small Kitchen in Condos

In a time where residential homes are already in the city and not in the suburbs, condos, apartments, and flats has been on the rise. Buildings that tower the city sprouted from nowhere until most of the people you know who work in the city live inside these contemporary to modern spaces they call home. […]

50 Top Kitchen Island Ideas For 2018

Kitchen is definitely one of the most frequently used space in the house. The Kitchen Island designs are important to consider if you think a kitchen island would fit in well with your current setup and you are planning to create a kitchen island. We welcome you to our wonderful collection of 50 Top Kitchen […]

30 Colorful Curtain Ideas To Add the Perfect Ambience To Your Home

Colors are a wonderful way to express yourself. It adds life and emotion to even the most mundane things in life which is why keeping the color palette in mind is very important when you are designing your house as it would make a great difference to the whole ambience. One of the most important […]