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Do you already have a color choice that you will apply on kitchen cabinets as a project to renew the look of kitchen cabinets? If the ideas of colors already determined then have you prepared the materials and equipment needed to paint kitchen cabinets? If everything is already prepared then the next project is doing painting kitchen cabinets. Do you know how the painting kitchen cabinets? Let's check out some of the summary of the following tutorials for painting kitchen cabinets. Painting kitchen cabinets is a comprehensive project, meaning that you should really spend some time over several days to focus on painting kitchen cabinets so that projects can be completed quickly.

After all prepared then remove kitchen cabinets hardware like hinges or handles and also kitchen cabinets doors. Then clean the kitchen cabinets using a sponge and cloth and lukewarm water until completely dry. After dry, sandpaper some parts of the kitchen cabinets and also apply some priming, after the priming dry, sandpaper again using soft sandpaper. Then apply the main white paint on kitchen cabinets started from the inside of the kitchen cabinets after that do the painting on kitchen cabinets doors. After it's settled, reinstall the hardware kitchen cabinets. There are some simple tutorials about how to paint kitchen cabinets white color.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets White with Glaze

A different tutorial can still you know, therefore it does not hurt to always look for some references related to painting kitchen cabinets in a few references like for example see how to paint kitchen cabinets white videos on the internet. That way you can get the right guidelines how to stage by stage painting kitchen cabinets without experiencing much errors. This will really help right? Understand the first project you will do before you start. Prepare all plans so that project painting kitchen cabinets get great results.