How to Paint Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

Painting is one great way to rejuvenate the back interior furniture is outdated and old including also visible for kitchen cabinets. But painting kitchen cabinets will not be the same depending on each material used on kitchen cabinets. Nowadays many types of kitchen cabinets that are made of laminated from wood layers or thin plastic stick on board kitchen cabinets. Paint laminate kitchen cabinets can be more difficult than painting kitchen cabinets without lamination. But if you understand how to conduct painting laminate kitchen cabinets then it can be easy to do. There is one type of laminate kitchen cabinets is laminate paint formica kitchen cabinets. So if you’re curious about how to conduct painting laminate kitchen cabinets.

Basically the way the painting laminate kitchen cabinet is tantamount to painting a piece of furniture to another. You can also use the type of chalk paint for painting laminate kitchen cabinets. Then, how to paint laminate kitchen cabinets with chalk paint? First, remove all parts hardware kitchen cabinets, but not all types of laminate kitchen cabinets can be dismantled. If it is not possible do not do, if there are parts that cannot be disassembled then painting carefully. If including laminate kitchen cabinets then we recommend that you skip the sanding stages laminated kitchen cabinets.

Laminate Primer

Afterwards, clean the laminate cabinet kitchen area from dust using a sponge and a soft clean cloth using warm water. After that, apply the paint base with a smooth stroke. Paint the base color of the main paint would help it stand out and gives the surface of the paint to stick better. Allow the paint to dry basis, after that apply the paint. To get maximum results, apply paint several times with the main layers. That’s some way of how to paint laminate kitchen cabinets without sanding.


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