Silestone Cost – What To Expect To Pay For A New Quartz Countertop

Silestone is available at a variety of different costs, which can seem very confusing to the consumer. At one store you’ll be given a reasonable quote only to find a much higher estimate provided at the next. The thing that you need to remember, however, is that the installation charges may or may not be […]

Quartz Countertops Cost – What To Pay For Material And Installation

Quartz countertops can be absolutely stunning but can you afford one? In order to help you decide whether you can go ahead now and purchase the quartz counter of your dream or whether you should continue on saving for one, we have put together a helpful guide. This guide will help you get a general […]

Ikea Countertops – Some Very Good High Quality Options

Ikea sells a number of quartz and granite counters and they are definitely worth taking a look at. On top of the quartz slabs they also specialize in other stone, laminate and acrylic counters. If you don’t see exactly what you want in quartz, you might find something else that strikes your fancy! It’s not […]

101+ Caesarstone Reviews From Real Owners – Many Are Shocking Negative

Note: If you want to get right down to the reviews scroll to the comments. Caesarstone countertops have become quite the rage these days but what do people really think of them? Are they worth the investment or would you be better off looking at your other options? In order to answer these questions we […]

Quartzite vs Granite – Is One Better?

We have all heard about granite and how gorgeous and durable it is. You may have also heard reports about quartz counters (quartzite and quartz are often confused) and how well they compare to granite countertops. But there’s an up and coming stone available called quartzite, and its’ benefits are pretty amazing. It’s the latest […]

How To Find A Local Contractor | Countertop Investigator

I’ve used this exact method many times to find a local contractor. Off the top of my head I have used it to find a good contractor for the following home improvement projects: kitchen countertops complete bathroom remodel fencing installation hardwood floor refinishing dump runs landscaping patio pavers front step replacement I know that just […]

Stainless Steel Countertops Cost – Let's Do A Quick Estimation

If you’ve decided to go ahead and get a new stainless steel countertop for your kitchen, one of the first questions that you’ll have on your mind is how much it will cost. Unless you’re prepared to take on a do-it-yourself project, you might be quite surprised to find out just how expensive these countertops […]

Outdoor Countertops – Stainless Steel Is Perfect

Stainless is often snubbed for an outdoor kitchen because it can be an expensive option. But when you consider just how impervious it is to damage, the extra investment is well worth it. Here’s how to get those quotes under control, so you can get the best work surface for your outdoor space. While it […]