40 Amazing Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Getting tired of looking at the same old bathroom walls and fittings everyday ? Or are you someone who likes to change things up every once in a while ? Whatever be the case, we believe that you deserve a bathroom that does it’s job while also fulfilling your personal relaxation needs. Bathrooms, though they […]

20 Dreamy Peacock Decors in the Bedrooms

Have you ever wondered why some homeowners go for a specific animal or thing to decorate their bedrooms with? For this list, we have a couple of bedroom designs which chose to have a peacock as the main decor which is sometimes where the overall theme was derived from. Of course, for some of the […]

Stunning Contemporary Concrete Ranch House in Los Angeles

You’re looking at house plans, you’ve been on it for a while but haven’t come across any that you like but then all of a sudden, you strike gold. You find a house that you’ve absolutely fallen in love with and is everything you’ve ever dreamt of. Too good a story to be true ? […]

20 Playful and Creative Indoor Slide and Stairs Combination

Who says you cannot be playful inside your house? Of course, you can have fun with family and friends in different ways. But how about adding a certain feature that will bring more fun to your home? A gaming room would be nice where you can add a billiard table or a pool table. You […]

20 Wonderful Window Seats Design

Dwelling Decor’s list of “20 Wonderful Window Seat Designs” will help you find the perfect nook where you can relax, read, drink a cup of tea or watch the kids play in the garden. Window seating is growing in popularity in the interior design industry. Whether it’s for a new home or a renovation, one […]

20 Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

The main benefit of home improvement project is that they put you in the driver’s seat so that you can determine exactly how your home will look. The kitchen is definitely one of the most important rooms in the house and its remodeling work can get real tricky and one of the most important things […]

50 Top Kitchen Design Ideas For 2018

We have listed below “50 Top Kitchen Design Ideas For 2018” for you to take this room and turn it into a place that recharges your batteries and makes cooking easy and a cool task. Decorating a kitchen space into something that is functional, beautiful and comfortable can be a challenge as compared to other […]

20 Incredible Shabby Chic Bathroom Stunner

Do you have this distressed chair you’ve been meaning to throw out or repaint? Think again! Achieving a shabby chic interior needs two things – white or neutral toned paint and that distressed dresser or chair that has been lying around in your storage for years! Wouldn’t it be great to actually reuse old furniture […]