How To Safely Clean And Disinfect Your Granite Counters

Don’t miss our take on specialty granite cleaners and polishes a bit further down the page. Let’s keep this as simple as possible for you because I’ve seen way too many guides that over complicate the simple process of cleaning granite countertops. What you’ll need: dish soap (any brand will do) paper towels hot water […]

Best Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Best Painting Kitchen Cabinets – Fix kitchen is your regular activities should take note. Makes perfect kitchens does not mean having to buy all new interior for kitchen, especially if you don’t prepare the budget. There are still other ways that could be made to do some updates in some parts of the kitchen such […]

Unique Chalk Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Chalk painted kitchen cabinets is one type of paint for kitchen cabinets. Why coloring is called by chalk painted kitchen cabinets? This paint kitchen cabinets found by a woman named Annie Sloan at 20 years ago. That is part of the information I got from some references on the history of chalk painted paint kitchen […]

10 Inspiration for DIY Painting Kitchen Cabinets

DIY Painting Kitchen Cabinets – Why painting kitchen cabinets many doing by most people who will renew their kitchens? Many of the reasons underlying, this is a renovation project that is quick, easy and cheap. Even painting kitchen cabinets can be done by yourself at home without expert help. So if you can do painting […]

Top Painting Kitchen Countertops

Renew kitchen can indeed do with some way not to always have to remodel the kitchen units. From simple projects to large projects into the option renew kitchen. But this time we will only discuss renewing the kitchen using a simpler way. If previously we always discuss about painting kitchen cabinets then this time we […]

Smart Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Paint

The condition of kitchen cabinets in your kitchen already looks ugly? What is the physical condition of the kitchen cabinets are also already broken? Or is it still good? We must think carefully and wisely, if already not worth only display kitchen cabinets, then there is no need to buy new kitchen cabinets. There are […]

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Properly

When faced to do a painting kitchen cabinets, then if you can do it yourself? Should request the assistance of an expert to do painting kitchen cabinets? How to paint kitchen cabinets without sanding? For those of you who feel confused, actually do the painting kitchen cabinet is easy if you know how to perform […]

Best Chalk Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Chalk paint is indeed a type of paint that is devoted to painting furniture from wood. What about wood kitchen cabinets? Can one use the chalk paint? Of course it could be because the kitchen cabinets were made of wood. Chalk paint is a new discovery for the type of paint in 1990 that was […]