Granite Countertops Cost – 10 Ways To Get Them For Less

Have you ever admired the granite in someone’s kitchen and were afraid to ask how many dollars that set them back? Don’t let price deter you from considering them for your own home. While it’s true that natural stone can be more expensive than other materials, it also has many benefits that other options, like […]

How To Care For Granite Countertops

Keeping your countertops in tip top shape doesn’t stop there though. Keep reading to learn more and for our most recent recommendations on cleaners and sealers. Installing granite in your kitchen is a great investment in the value of your home, but it’s an expensive one. If you just paid a few thousand dollars or […]

See Why Corian Countertops Deliver Head-Shaking Remodeling Results

You can expect similar results if you choose Corian for your kitchen. Image source Corian countertops are a specific brand made and marketed under the DuPont name, but they may as well be synonymous with ‘solid surface’ countertops. They’re one of the most popular brands and they’re often pushed as being as good as, or […]

Granite That Looks Like Marble –

Granite’s pretty gorgeous in its own right, but if you are hankering for the gentle beauty of marble, with having to constantly worry about damaging the stone, you do have options. They can be just as delicately beautiful, you just need to know what to ask for to get the look you want. One of […]

11 Of The Best Counter Depth Refrigerators With Thumbs-Up Reviews

A fridge like this just about disappears into the kitchen instead of becoming the focal point of it. Table Of Contents Top 3 Reviews What Is A Countertop Depth Fridge? Typical Dimensions Best Side By Side Cabinet Depth Versus Standard The Shallowest Ones “Professional” Series Stainless Steel Water & Ice Dispensers The Best Brands Where […]

Plain And Simple Countertop Price Chart

Granite like this is gorgeous but it’s far from your only option. Cost Chart Click the name of each option for more details. Granite $50 – $200 Corian $42 – $65 Quartz $100 – $150 Marble $125 – $250 Plastic Laminate $20 – $50 Concrete $70 – $150 Solid Surface $75 – $120 Formica $20 […]

The Best Sinks For Granite Countertops

An enamel basin like the one above is just one option you probably haven’t considered. You’ve spent weeks agonizing over the perfect granite, you’re ready to have it fabricated to fit your cabinets and installed in your kitchen, but there’s still one tiny detail–what type of sink are you going to choose? Choosing one can […]

How To Clean Granite Countertops

Don’t miss our take on specialty granite cleaners and polishes a bit further down the page. Let’s keep this as simple as possible for you because I’ve seen way too many guides that over complicate the simple process of cleaning granite countertops. What you’ll need: dish soap (any brand will do) paper towels hot water […]